Donate and Recycle your old used CDs and DVDs at / Donate & Recycle your old used CDs and DVDs to save cats and dogs.
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Do you have any old CDs or DVDs in your house that are just collecting dust?   Have you ever tried selling those old discs at a second-hand CD store, only to be told that they were unacceptable because they were too scratched, had missing or damaged artwork, or because the store just wasn't interested in those titles?

Well, don't throw them away just yet.

Our site gives you a free and convenient way to turn those old useless discs into a second chance for a stray dog or cat at the local SPCA, and to decrease landfill waste at the same time.  Just follow these simple instructions to ship those items to  We'll sell the items in a special bin in our store (for just $1 each) and donate 100% of that money to our local SPCA!  One dollar may not be much, but it sure adds up over time to really make a difference!

We will even reimburse you for your shipping costs, so it truly won't cost you a cent.  Please click here to find out How It Works.  Thanks for helping!

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